Monday, May 19, 2014

Conversation Etiquette

Conversing Well is an Art!

    • Never! Interrupt! Always wait for the person speaking to finish. AND, try not to appear like you can't wait for them to finish so you can talk.
    • Always! Ask questions. Nobody likes a one sided conversation. You will actually find that the other person could very well be interesting. It also helps in keeping the conversation moving.
    • Avoid! Drifting.  Keep eye contact when the other person is speaking. I can totally tell if someone is listening or not by eye contact and their "uh huhs"!
    • Keep it Clean! Bad language is always tacky.  Unless you're a sailor straight off the boat, you might want to think twice about your choice of words. You can make a poor impression really fast with the shortest of words!
    • It Takes Two! Try not to talk about yourself. It's good to answer questions about yourself or give tidbits but you don't want to come off as arrogant or self absorbed when you it's all about you.
    • Repeat! Try to repeat the person's name once in awhile.  If they are a new acquaintance it will help you remember their name and it will also help them feel like they are important to you.
    • Hope this has been encouraging!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Etiquette for Guests

We occasionally get invited to each others homes for celebrations or just casual get~togethers.  

It's a very nice gesture to bring the hosts a small gift.  Fresh flowers are always perfect but if you like to be different,  there are other suggestions.  I would advise not to go over the top though, people always feel the need to reciprocate and you don't want it to get competitive.
Here are some other suggestions.

1.  Candle (be careful of scents though)

2.  Plant, a fresh herb from a local nursery is always fun

3.  Box of chocolates

4.  Package of fun cocktail napkins
(subtle hint for next time)

5.  The ol' standby, a bottle of wine :)
(This beauty was a gift for keeping our G'kids for the weekend while our kids went to Napa)

If you haven't made this a habit in the past, it's never too late to pick it up!  
Better yet, invite someone to dinner this weekend!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reviving a Lost Art Form, Etiquette

Etiquette is a very intimidating word to some people. It says "Proper". Well, in 2014, A LOT  of  people are not "into" what's proper but what works for them, leaving a wake of problems that can resonate into generations to come.

I happen to love etiquette.  It's safe.  It doesn't mean you HAVE to do it that way and only that way.  It's a guide to helping you do things the way to protect you and the people surrounding the event.  Preventing problems.  Now that's my kinda help!

This book, "Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette" has been in my possession since I planned my own wedding.  36 years.  My Mom and I used it to plan my wedding and I have gone back to it so many times over the years for other celebrations and events, including my own children's weddings, baby showers etc.  It is very well worn. 

I am sure there is an updated version but I love this one.  I still have a napkin from my wedding and something my Heather had drawn as books mark in it. 

I am not a stuffy, do it right or else kind of person... but I am sensitive and concerned about doing things right.  People are very important to me so I like to plan parties and events.  If you give me too much time to think, there will be an event in the not too distant future!

I would like to revive a little bit of this special art in memory of my mom.  She was a lady.  Mom taught me from a very young child the qualities of being polite and kind.  To always think of others.

Hopefully you will enjoy this and it will be helpful.  I would like it to have a trickle down affect to children, so it definitely won't be too stuffy!

More posts to come!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tooth Fairy Door

I found how to do this on a blog from a friend a few years ago and couldn't resist!
The first one I made was for my granddaughter Kyle...
Not the best pic since it was from my phone a year and half ago.
 Now one of my younger grandsons is starting to lose teeth. So here's #2...
This one is simpilar but I like it for a boy.  His favorite color is yellow. This yellow screams 
"YIELD" to me.  But Gregory will love it.
There are no set rules to a "Tooth Fairy Door" that I know of so I'm going to make up my own.

1. The closed door is set out by a parent the night of the big event near their bedside. This allows the fairy to come in and give a special reward for such a great tooth.
The message behind this is that you are inviting the fairy in that night for the exchange.

2. When "The Fairy" comes, he/she opens the door, takes the tooth and leaves their gift under the child's pillow and closes the door behind.

3. Parent puts the door away after the child gets their prize.  The door gets put away until the fairy is invited in for the next "loss" :)

Here's a picture of the goods. I purchased everything from Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoy this imaginative time with your children!
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Monday, November 11, 2013

"Naturally Glammy Thanksgiving Table"

It's been a while :)
I thought I would set an early Thanksgiving Table.  My spray painted gold sticks I had used for an event a few weeks ago were calling me, actually nagging me.  I couldn't resist since I could do this whole look without spending any money because I had most of it from said previous event. Bonus! I loved the idea that it had the natural element so that I didn't have to feel guilty about all of the other sparkly stuff that I was about to throw in.  It's all natural too, sorta. You'll see.
Blank palate...

I added the sticks...

Then added the other "natural" things. Love the sparkly nests

                                                                       Glass Owls

Set my fine china on gold chargers.  The beauty in doing all of this is that this was my mama's china. It was a nice quiet time of remembering my childhood Thanksgivings.  My mom always made a memorable turkey dinner which would start before dawn. I always helped tear the bread for the dressing. That was my job and I loved it. Dad would warm up the TV and we would all pile on the floor in front of it for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Never, Never missed that!  Once football started though the channel changed whether it was over or not so we didn't always get to see Santa.
The gold ware was my mom's too. It was a later addition but I was the youngest of 6 so I had a few more dinners with it.  I ended up with it too!
(Thankful for that!)
Next I wrote on my giant chalkboard.  There are so many scriptures to choose from but this one spoke to me today. I will probably change a few times in the next week just to use others that are special too. Oh the beauty of chalk!


Added a few more fall~ish things...



 All done.

To all the young women who are just starting out, don't be discouraged with what you don't have.
You have a lot of years ahead of you to acquire and accumulate. It's all just junk in the grand scheme.
Have fun being creative with what you have. You can always buy a can of gold metallic spray paint!
Hope & pray you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


There are some moments in life that just sneak up on you and do something so unexpected. There is one moment that happened tonight. My big brother Tom took me and his wife & daughter out for a nice dinner in a quaint little town near their home.  Over appetizers and small talk of differing childhood memories, he tells me something I never knew. Something I will always treasure. You should probably know a few things first. We are a family of 6 children, he the youngest of the boys and I'm the baby of all of us. He is also the only brother I have left. The other two have passed away too young. Anyway, when I was 10, our sister Sue was 12 and Tom was 15, we lived in the country for awhile with our mom. Our dad was busy doing "I'm not sure what".  At that age in that generation the parents didn't make their private matters known to the younger children. They had to be 40 something :) Mom soon helped us get involved with horses and all of the fun things that came with it. Tonight Tom asked me if I knew how I got "Taffy", my first horse, and how Sue got "Smokey". I had never really thought about it so I told him that I assumed Mom bought them. I knew the second I said it that he had something to do with it. Tom said "I bought "Taffy" for you with my paper route money, and "Smokey" for Sue. Well, when your brother has kept that to himself till we are orphaned & in our 50's, I could hardly keep my composure. I really tried but the tears came anyway.  Tom is a very private person and you never really know where you stand with him.  But tonight I knew how much he has always loved me.
Thank you Tom.  I love you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today is "My Baby's" birthday.
He's not a baby anymore, but he'll always be mine.

Happy birthday Nate!

You truly are our "Gift from God"

I love you with all
my heart!

With my other 2 babies ;)

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

I love Christmas time! 
I think December should have 60 days in it! Mostly because there isn't enough time to manage real life into the good stuff.
Christ coming to live as one of us then becoming the ultimate sacrifice for my sin. It should be celebrated everyday!
Part one of my December.
It all starts with "Polar Express Night" with our G'kids.  I think this is my favorite thing.
We (me & Poppy) get on the "Polar Express" aka Poppy's Tahoe and pick the kids up at their homes.  They have to be in pj's, robe & slippers with tickets to board in hand when we get there.  
They can hear us coming a block away because we have the soundtrack of "The Polar Express" blasting out the windows.
The Conductor calls "All aboooaaard'!  The kids come flying out of the house, get their tickets punched and climb in.

Then back to Bobbie & Poppy's house for "The Polar Express" movie, some hot, hot,hot chocolate, popcorn, hot know, the stuff parents don't give you ;)

When the movie is over we pile back onto "The Train" and to drive around looking at Christmas lights.

 We make a stop at one house every year that is spectacular. The kids all climb into the back and watch for a while.

 Back to B&P's for nighty nights!
Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Heather!

I'm way behind on this but I couldn't let this one get by...

My daughter Heather's birthday was October 22nd.  
We celebrated in a quiet fashion which is not like us :)

Went out for Mexican food, our comfort food, then back to our house for "Graham Cracker Cake" & Ice Cream.

Heather has grown into "her own woman".  Mom's don't always get to take part in the nurturing, growing, learning and loving process but this mama has had the privilege.

Happy Birthday Bird, I love you with all my heart!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Movin' On"

I am so excited about my husband and son's new business.
In my mind and heart it is a beautiful thing to see this father~son ambition come to fruition.
To see the two of them as men be not just family but business men together. 
They work hard, pray hard & depend on each other.  
To start a new business in this wobbly economy is a risky thing, but if you knew my men, you wouldn't be nervous.  
The name they came up with is evidence of the kind of men they are:  Definition:


Any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger or doubt.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More of Sacramento

My Sacramento trip was filled with special times with my family.
This post is about my nephew Ehren's wedding.  
They were married on the beach in South Lake Tahoe which is only about 1.5 hours from Sacramento.
What a beautiful setting!  Ehren told me, "it's my favorite place in the whole world".

The cake top was made by Ehren. It's him & Kristen as they were when they met at a costume party.
Pretty darn cute!

 This is the one that gets me... Dancing with his mama.

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