Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"To Be Frugal or Not To Be Frugal"...That is the Question!

Frugal...Ugh!  I hate that word.  It usually means I can't do or have something.  Go out to eat or go on a trip.
BUT!! It actually means that I can do those things even more often than I think if I would just make a few changes.
Recently I was very excited to hear that there was a new "gel" nail polish out that didn't require the special light you have to cure it with.  Well, my favorite "$100 Store" carried it! Target here I come!  Now in the name of Target Love, this is not to bash that store.  It's my go to for just about everything. (I wish they carried everything but they don't) 
This brought to mind, how much money I dump into that store on a weekly basis on "non frugal, yet to be listed items", nail polish, lipstick, spatula, candles, etc, etc...
Then it brought to mind my mom.  She was an upper middle class lady that had her hair and nails done probably once a week (she had 6 kids, she deserved it). But... did we have a new candle, new dishes, new nail polish, new lunch bag, new tee shirt, new, new, new... every week.  No way!  
This is no way shape or form to put us on some sort of guilt trip.  I thought it might be encouraging to start a few new ways to see your money grow, spend time with friends and get creative.
Here's what I mean by that.
See this picture?

Front and center is the fore said gel polish. Cost $14.99 for the start up box set of 2.  The new bottle of red to add to my collection was $7.99. Now that's a total of $22.98. Plus tax.  Can't get away from that.
See the basket of misc. polishes.  Now there's a bunch of waste.  I think there are a total of 2 that I actually use. AND by the time I get to them again they'll be thick and not worth their weight in pennies.  By the way, The gel brags that it lasts up to 2 weeks.  Yay!! Nope, not even 2 days for me.  Sorry.  
The encouragement I have for you in this one is.  Buy ONE bottle of your absolute favorite, doesn't matter if it costs $2 or $12.   Now use it.  Use it again, again and again.  Oh! and if your friends love it loan it to them and borrow  their favorite.   You could even have a "Polish Party" one afternoon or evening to try them out to see which brand you love most with your friends.  Sometimes it's not the expensive ones that last longer.  
Having said all that, I spent $24ish bucks on polish this month.  That doesn't include any pedicures.
So today I'm starting an envelope to save $25 I would have spent on the pedicure, do it myself (waaaaahhh, I'll get over it) and next month I'm going to add $40 to it for misc, polish or pedi junk.   Think it'll add up?

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  1. You're so cute! Love it! I actually bought that polish and LOVE it!!! Sorry it didn't work for you. Mamo taught me young about the envelope system. Tried and true. It works! xoxoxo