Monday, January 27, 2014

Tooth Fairy Door

I found how to do this on a blog from a friend a few years ago and couldn't resist!
The first one I made was for my granddaughter Kyle...
Not the best pic since it was from my phone a year and half ago.
 Now one of my younger grandsons is starting to lose teeth. So here's #2...
This one is simpilar but I like it for a boy.  His favorite color is yellow. This yellow screams 
"YIELD" to me.  But Gregory will love it.
There are no set rules to a "Tooth Fairy Door" that I know of so I'm going to make up my own.

1. The closed door is set out by a parent the night of the big event near their bedside. This allows the fairy to come in and give a special reward for such a great tooth.
The message behind this is that you are inviting the fairy in that night for the exchange.

2. When "The Fairy" comes, he/she opens the door, takes the tooth and leaves their gift under the child's pillow and closes the door behind.

3. Parent puts the door away after the child gets their prize.  The door gets put away until the fairy is invited in for the next "loss" :)

Here's a picture of the goods. I purchased everything from Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoy this imaginative time with your children!
Thanks for visiting!