Friday, August 29, 2014

Dining Room Refresh

My Dining Room

I was getting super bored with my dining room.  It was starting to feel a little out of date.  I still absolutely love my furniture although I am considering reupholstering my chairs. That scares me a little. Anyway, that's for another day.
I like glam, my hubby does not.  Here is where I compromised.  I did a little on the wall.  
Here is a before picture from last Thanksgiving's post.  
Since then, we made a few changes.  The beautiful picture over the buffet was our Christmas gift to each other last year. It's called "The Bow" from Z Gallerie.  One of my favoritist stores in the world!  We had eyed it for a very long time but couldn't justify the cost in these harder times and just before Christmas we decided instead of dropping money on a bunch of unnecessary "stuff", we would give that to each other.  
Merry Christmas Honey!
Well, now it's the end of August and I wanted to pay a little attention to this special room.
Target had these fabulous mirrored frames that didn't look like the rest of the world's.  
So I decided to revamp a wall with sepia toned wedding pictures. Our parents, us and our children that have married.  We have one more that is still single so I went ahead and purchased the frame for his future portrait and placed a copy of 1Corinthians 13 in it. That's the chapter about love.  If you  haven't read it, it's a beautiful design on marriage as well as life.
Then I moved my Corinthian column to the other side of the cabinet to place a lamp that I took from another room where it was under appreciated and voila!  More light!  I love lamps and light You can control your ambiance so much with them.
I found the large metal "Trophy" at my other addiction, TJMaxx.
Bye bye chalkboard, it was fun while it lasted.
I have a blank table at the moment but never fear!  There is something in the works! A little "earthy glam". Your='re welcome Honey. XO

Target is still my favorite "$100 Store" !!

And Z Gallerie? Well let's just say the $ signs multiply but it's worth it!

Thanks for visiting!!

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