Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Etiquette for Guests

We occasionally get invited to each others homes for celebrations or just casual get~togethers.  

It's a very nice gesture to bring the hosts a small gift.  Fresh flowers are always perfect but if you like to be different,  there are other suggestions.  I would advise not to go over the top though, people always feel the need to reciprocate and you don't want it to get competitive.
Here are some other suggestions.

1.  Candle (be careful of scents though)

2.  Plant, a fresh herb from a local nursery is always fun

3.  Box of chocolates

4.  Package of fun cocktail napkins
(subtle hint for next time)

5.  The ol' standby, a bottle of wine :)
(This beauty was a gift for keeping our G'kids for the weekend while our kids went to Napa)

If you haven't made this a habit in the past, it's never too late to pick it up!  
Better yet, invite someone to dinner this weekend!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reviving a Lost Art Form, Etiquette

Etiquette is a very intimidating word to some people. It says "Proper". Well, in 2014, A LOT  of  people are not "into" what's proper but what works for them, leaving a wake of problems that can resonate into generations to come.

I happen to love etiquette.  It's safe.  It doesn't mean you HAVE to do it that way and only that way.  It's a guide to helping you do things the way to protect you and the people surrounding the event.  Preventing problems.  Now that's my kinda help!

This book, "Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette" has been in my possession since I planned my own wedding.  36 years.  My Mom and I used it to plan my wedding and I have gone back to it so many times over the years for other celebrations and events, including my own children's weddings, baby showers etc.  It is very well worn. 

I am sure there is an updated version but I love this one.  I still have a napkin from my wedding and something my Heather had drawn as books mark in it. 

I am not a stuffy, do it right or else kind of person... but I am sensitive and concerned about doing things right.  People are very important to me so I like to plan parties and events.  If you give me too much time to think, there will be an event in the not too distant future!

I would like to revive a little bit of this special art in memory of my mom.  She was a lady.  Mom taught me from a very young child the qualities of being polite and kind.  To always think of others.

Hopefully you will enjoy this and it will be helpful.  I would like it to have a trickle down affect to children, so it definitely won't be too stuffy!

More posts to come!

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