Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I have been away from the blogging world for awhile but I think I will get back to it!

I know I've missed out on a lot of beautiful things out there, I will try to get caught up a little.
In the mean time, this blog will be part of my business "Motherbirdie Bakes"! So if you're seeing a lot about baking, cooking, just food in general you will know why.

The website for Motherbirdie is . Also on Facebook Motherbirdie Bakes. Please feel free to visit but the most activity is on Instagram... Motherbirdie .  I would love to get to know you in any of these locations.

I love to do more than baking!  My posts will reveal that. 

 One of my favorite baking orders was for Scout & Briar. Part of it is because one of the 2 lovely women that started this company is my daughter Heather.  
They launched their business this last late winter/early spring here in Phoenix with a fun party at North Italia Restaurant. It was a beautiful evening with fun supportive people who are also in the creative world here in our beloved Arizona.
If you would like to visit Scout & Briar's website go to , you won't be disappointed! You can also peek at the photos by going to!Scout-Briar-Launch-Party-with-Tiny-Prints/j4f10/574f21030cf25085214e3846
Tiny Prints was very helpful in making this party a success!
 I hope I will see more of everyone soon!

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