Monday, April 20, 2015

A Rose By Any Other Name

I thought I would just send some encouragement out there today.

Today is a day for many to start all over again. Run, hit the gym or go on a diet because they blew it over the weekend. Or maybe to be a better parent because their kids weren't perfect at school last week. 
And oh no!!! You didn't find some new recipe to wow your family or companion with? For shame!

I get exhausted of all the expectations everyone is putting on themselves.

How about this:
Don't look in the mirror today. Take a good look at your soul.  Get off social media for a sec and listen to the birds or just make a phone call, not a text, but a call or actual visit to a friend or family member to chat. We have lost personal connection with even our most dear to the cold silence of texting and other media. Life is busy but it's also fast and if you don't get personal with it you will find it won't get personal with you either. 
Spend that time you have fretted over what to wear, how many calories you can burn doing who knows what, and sit down for heaven's sake and appreciate what you "do" have.You. You have you.  We are built to commune.  There is a void in our hearts that can only be satisfied with one thing that is perfect and that is God Himself.  When we don't fill that first we just get frustrated with "trying" to fill it with stuff that doesn't satisfy it because it just can't. You know I'm right.

Be quiet for a bit today. Promise yourself that you will not be comparing yourself with the Barbie's & Ken's next door. BTW...They're comparing themselves to you too. 
Appreciate your own appearance. Your own children. Your own home, it is "home".  
Your cooking is always better than money thrown at a restaurant, there's no comparison to eating as a family in your own home, if it's just a husband and wife (that's us) or if you have a bunch of kids to feed. 
Commit to focusing on the real stuff this life has to offer, people! If you don't have them. There's nothing else!

Celebrate people for who they are. Not what you want them to be or what you expect yourself to be. Just enjoy what's been given.
You might not be a rose, you could be lavandar or a lily, a dahlia or even more like a succulent blossom, amazingly strong resilient.

What ever you are...
You are that beautiful flower that The Lord has made. Perfect, unique and NOT necessarily called a rose but by any other name, you "ARE AS SWEET!"

Thanks for stopping by!

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