Monday, July 25, 2011

5 More Days of Christmas in July

I really surprised myself and actually bought a Christmas present today!
I thought I would share one of my traditions with you....
My sister-law Teresa & I have a tradition that we have done forever it seems.  We do a "Goody Box" filled with random fun gifts, nail polish, earrings, notecards etc...
We agree on a $ amount to spend and then we "try" to stick to the deal.
I buy her a pretty hat box and fill it every year with my idea of what I think she'll have fun with.  And that's what I bought today!
We don't live in the same state and we really never get to spend the holiday together, so it's a fun way to for us to feel close  at this special time of year. I always get mine from her in time for Christmas. But when it comes to me getting mine mailed to her, I shoot for Christmas but it's usually closer to New Years!
NOT THIS YEAR right?   Fill 'er up!!

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  1. It's really a cute box! And I love the tradition you girls have :)