Friday, May 6, 2011

In the Mean Time...

 My Mama

It's almost Mother's Day and I have so many thoughts of my mama.
My first one is, never judge your mother till you've become the age she was and in the postion she was in before you slam down that gavel. Whoa! I'm a whimp.
Next, she had 6, yes, 6 kids!!! WHOA again. I have 3 :) I like 3 :) :)
You knew she wasn't going to run away. That didn't really sink in with me until I was an adult and saw how many people ran away and how it affected me.
She loved to garden and grow flowers. We always had something growing in a weird random place if she couldn't have a real garden.
We could always have a real pet. Anything from a bird to a horse. It depended on where we lived at the time.
Her love for me I never doubted. I didn't like her lots of times but I always and will forever love her.

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