Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Outdoor Movie Night"

"The Sandlot"

OH THE FUNDRAISING!! It is fun, fun, fun....but it is also hard, hard, hard......
This next weekend, June 4th, we're having a "Movie on the Lawn" at Heather and Mike's as one of our fundraisers.  
We'll be showing the classic, "The Sandlot". For $5 per person or $15 per family you can have a fun inexpensive night out and help us reach our fundraising goal.
 We're inviting friends, family and friends of those friends and family. We'll be selling popcorn, redvines, classic coke, water bottless, beer and maybe a few other goodies too.
Would you like to join us?
I'll let you know how it went when it's all done :)

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