Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy 100th Arizona!

I hope to learn more about my beautiful home, Arizona this year in honor of her 100th year.We are blessed to have a second home in Payson so I thought I would start here.
 We built our cabin a few years ago and  have spent many hours going back and forth from Phoenix to Payson on the usual "well worn path". 
Well last weekend my Sweetie wanted to golf at the Municipal Course in town and I didn't want to get stuck without a car for 4 hours so I drove him there. It was off my usual path so I paid close attention to the surrounding this time since I hadn't in the past other than once or twice before and all I can remember thinking was "where is there to shop?" .  I really noticed a few things on this particular day. This was clearly named "Main Street" for a reason.  It had to have been THE MAIN street way back when.  There were some really cool old, I mean, OLD buildings. I made a mental note to come back before we left that weekend to snap a few pics. 
This "Mud House" was just the coolest! I hope you can read the plaque.  

and now for "The Mansion" it mentions....
It also had a few "Rentals" available!

This next photo is a very old barn or industrial building of some sort. I LOVED this one! Such cool texture and had such a look of "I've got some stories to tell"


Who's this handsome guy?
It was a chilly day so we only had patience for a one more building.

 The Old School House
It is has been beautifully restored and obviously functioning.
Here are a few closeups of the building materials.

Look at the size of those block!
( He's a masonry contractor )
I have plans to go back an do a little more exploring. I would love to share it when I do so watch for more posts!
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