Monday, August 22, 2011

Melissa's Party Prep

OK!! I can finally post my projects for Melissa's party! I wanted it all to be a surprise so I couldn't post anything cause she's a faithful follower ;)
She asked for a "Retro Glamour Girl Beach Party".
This was not going to be at my house so it was a little more of a challenge doing it at someone elses home and having only been there once, even more chancy.
Well...needless to say, I felt this was going to be fun but maybe not cheap.  I unleashed my "Chipper Chicken" side of me and got started.
I went online and bought posters from, to Loew's and bought lumber cut to size, spray paint in various colors, rope, ring screws, and to of all places... (Barnes & Noble) for the decoupage. It's called Royal Coat Decoupage. I was totally disappointed in every other product. I'm not naming names ;)
Here are the posters I made for outside by the pool:

I'll be posting more on the creations from the party soon.
Thanks for looking!

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