Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Scouty Pants!

Today is my youngest grandchild's birthday. Scouty is 4 today!  He's been talking about it being his turn for a birthday for about 6 months.  He wants to have a "Puppy Birfday"!  Well, Wednesday isn't the best day for a  Puppy Birfday party so we'll be celebrating on Saturday, the day after his big sister Kyle's birthday. Somehow Heather & Mike managed to have all of their babies in August so we're a little busy on the weekends through out the month.  
Scouty!! You did it! You're 4 now big boy!!
Bobbie & Poppy love you sooooo much. You make us so very happy.
 9 months old


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  1. Oh my sweet little baby! Those pics are so cute! Thanks for posting, mom.