Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farmin' In The City

Just 2 miles from my home is this beautiful farm in the middle of the city!
Jill raises chickens, grows peaches among many other beautiful fruits and vegetables.
I stopped by to buy some eggs and peaches and what do you know?
My grandbabies showed up! They live around the corner from her and have made friends with her too!
What a treat for me ;)

 Clayton is holding a baby "Chip".
Scouty has named the chicks that. I can't get over that cute-ness!

 Kyle was a little timid about holding them 

She couldn't resist!


Thank you for opening your farm to us 
"City Slickers" Jill.

You are a gracious hostess!

Next stop....
BoHo Farm
Another city farm,
I can't wait!!

Thanks for visiting!

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