Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cloche Love


cloche[klohsh, klawsh]

1. a woman's close-fitting hat with a deep, bell-shaped crown and often a narrow, turned-down brim.
2.a bell-shaped glass cover placed over a plant to protect it from frost and to force its growth.
3. a bell-shaped metal or glass cover placed over a plate to keep food warm or fresh.
I have a new love for these old fashioned beauties. Thought I would share some of my findings. A few of them are in my possession and the rest are just ones that I covet.
Not mine

Not mine either (available at "The Secret Village")
Maybe someday...
(Umm, Santa?)

Picture is from Midwest Living
So, here's the thing, I want to use them in my Christmas decor. This one is inspiration. Pretty Little Birdy :)

This little cutie is mine and so are the following....
 I'm hoping to use them all. I'll post pics when I'm done!
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