Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

I love Christmas time! 
I think December should have 60 days in it! Mostly because there isn't enough time to manage real life into the good stuff.
Christ coming to live as one of us then becoming the ultimate sacrifice for my sin. It should be celebrated everyday!
Part one of my December.
It all starts with "Polar Express Night" with our G'kids.  I think this is my favorite thing.
We (me & Poppy) get on the "Polar Express" aka Poppy's Tahoe and pick the kids up at their homes.  They have to be in pj's, robe & slippers with tickets to board in hand when we get there.  
They can hear us coming a block away because we have the soundtrack of "The Polar Express" blasting out the windows.
The Conductor calls "All aboooaaard'!  The kids come flying out of the house, get their tickets punched and climb in.

Then back to Bobbie & Poppy's house for "The Polar Express" movie, some hot, hot,hot chocolate, popcorn, hot know, the stuff parents don't give you ;)

When the movie is over we pile back onto "The Train" and to drive around looking at Christmas lights.

 We make a stop at one house every year that is spectacular. The kids all climb into the back and watch for a while.

 Back to B&P's for nighty nights!
Merry Christmas!

Thanks for visiting, see ya soon!


  1. oh my goodness, could this be any cuter?!? love it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this tradition! It is the cutest, sweetest, most fun thing ever!!!