Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My dear friend just moved to Sacramento.  Did I mention she's my sister-in-law? 
She blessed me with a plane ticket to come for a visit which was mighty convenient since my nephew (My brother's son, the other side of the family) was getting married that weekend in South Lake Tahoe! 2 birds, one stone. 
My brother lives just outside Sacramento. (That will be another post.) His wife, another sister-in-law, is another sweet friend of mine :)
Sister-in-laws....they have the makin's of some pretty good friendship material. 
I flew over early so Sis and I got some really good girl time in since her hubby was out of town.
My hubby didn't fly in till the weekend.  He was able to get some good brother sister time in before the wedding.!  
Kayaking, Chicken Festival-ing, shopping...

 This one is for the family.  The Jonovich Finger ;)
Gorgeous exposed tree roots along the river bank
I am a new fan of this sport!
I'll post more soon.

Thanks for visiting!

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