Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun Friday

This last Friday was one of my favorite Fridays of the year so far!
It started with having GT for the weekend.  After a nice long after school nap we went to Kyle's first piano recital at "My Sweetest Friend's, Isy's".  Isy is her piano teacher. She taught Nate and me many moons ago too ;)
We're so proud of our "Little Bird"! She was very poised...

Isy, Bobbie & Kyle
 "Bobbie had a little prize for her" ....Fairy key chain
Poppy & GT
It was a gorgeous Spring Phoenix evening.  Uncle Nanie was there too but he didn't show up in any pics this time :( Probably because he was making sure I was in a few. Thanks Nate!
On to Clay's baseball game!

Stealing 3rd!

 Treats & silliness!
 There was a ring around the tub THAT night!

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  1. It was fun to see you all, and Kyle played so beautifully! :)