Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Did It!!

We started out all cute and "tatted up", strong and willing to fulfill the promise we made to help fight breast cancer.
There were times on the walk when I really felt my orphanaged state.  You never know when you're gonna get hit with that "I just need my mama" feeling.  It was often but I honestly felt her with me knowing she was proud of me ;)

"The B.O.O.P.S" at the finish.
We did it! Together!
I love you girls

I did it!! You never know how much strength you have till you're tested ;)
Thank you to all my family and friends who supported us through all these months of fundraising and training. I especially felt the love and blessed by all of you that came to the fundraisers, read my emails, asked me about my training, bought my cupcakes, tye-dyed tanks etc, etc.... You are the ones that really make a girl feel  strong.  It's the little things ;)
God bless you and keep YOU safe and strong.

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